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So, let me put it to you simple. My name is Dustin, I'm 23 years old. I dont drink, smoke, or any of the above. I am happily single but always willing to bump in or meet that special someone. I love makeing new friends. I like Mexican food. Always willing to try new things. I love thrill rides and anything that can get my heart racing. Gods my life and the gifts that he has given me are my passion. so, enough said now follow me!

"Faith is not a burden, it’s a delight"

Attention Tumblr friends!!

ATTENTION Tumblr friends! I’m selling Gold Canyon candles to raise money for my youthgroup ([4]SHK)and I, so we could go to camp. If you want a candle or just want to donate please do. It would be a blessing if you could. Most of these teens have never been to or even heard of youth camp. I believe this experience will change their lives tremendously. Just think one person could be an impact to 100’s.
So if you would like to purchase a candle or just simply donate


Or if you have any Questions you could also call tel:480-694-5447 an speak to Amy

And tell her Dustin from [4]SHK sent you

Again this isn’t for self gain. This is simply to help youth go to camp so they could encounter Jesus Christ in a way they never even imagined.



oh god the memories


oh god the memories

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Mini-Qee Boba Fett by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser’s most recent custom is based on everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Using a 5” Mini-Qee, the custom shows off JPK’s high contrast comic book style, with the battle scars giving the piece a lot of character and backstory. Jon says that Fett is his most requested commission and that he never gets tired of recreating the classic bad guy in 3D form.

[Photos by Justin Allfree]



"God, where do I even begin? I’m overwhelmed with all the praises and thanks flowing from my heart. Words fail me."

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